10 Easy Ways to Support Local Communities While Travelling

‘Giving back to society’ is not just a trendy theme for events and organizations, but also a practical solution to the adverse effects of globalization. This post highlights how we can make a difference, even when we travel. Continue reading to learn about the opportunities that will enable you to support local communities when you set out on your adventure:

While established hotel chains always offer familiar setups and known standards, they do not necessarily represent the culture of the place they are located in. Choosing your accommodation with this in mind helps you to find some real gems and additionally, you also support the local community and get to know the local people. Using apps like Airbnb and Couchsurfing will help you find Homestays or small guesthouses to match your preferences. With the range of options available, you’ll certainly find some that meet, if not exceed your expectations.

Being environmentally conscious is easier said than done, but one can make a big difference by taking small steps that don’t necessarily require a huge amount of effort. While traveling one should always carry a bottle for water and use biodegradable products as far as possible. Also remember that certain tourist activities associated with animals should be avoided. We need to encourage people to free animals that are living in captivity.You can also go a step further by making sure that you offset your CO2-emissions from the transport that you use.

Every destination that you visit will have organizations that work to conserve the environment or protect animals. By finding out what these are and visiting their setup’s you can help provide employment and empower the locals. Make sure that these are locally owned as that is an essential factor in being able to help the community. Other local activities that will help you understand a place better could range from cooking classes to pottery, dance, theatre. This is just to name a few, but if you sign up for such things, your experience will certainly be a fulfilling one!

You may not necessarily have a big budget but you may have things you do not need; you can donate these or give them away if you find the opportunity. Even if this is not the case, then you can surely plan for some time to volunteer with an NGO or for a social cause that you feel strongly about. If you read up and do your research, you will certainly come across articles about social causes and events in the city or town that you are in. And if you feel inspired, then why not join in and make your holiday into an especially unique one.

There’s no real effort in walking into a souvenir shop and picking up something because you need to take back a present. Rather buy something that has meaning to you and is associated with your experiences. You will most likely find such products at local markets where craftsmen exhibit their talents and work. If you really want to take something special, this is where you will find it. And in the process, you can also learn about the story of the person you bought it from. Material things have so much more meaning when they represent a story!

Just as you choose your accommodation with local interests in mind, do the same with restaurants. Pick small cafes and eateries rather than brand names and chains. Your experience will be more wholesome and probably healthier too. A good eating place is not just about the food, but also about the ambiance and, to get a real taste of any place, local is the way to go. By eating locally available produce and buying it if you have the chance, you support local farmers and vendors.

Though the times have changes and a lot more women have joined the workforce, it is still rare to see women in positions of authority. It would be a great step forward if more women could take up roles that involve heading and guiding establishments. By promoting female run businesses, you encourage more women to step up and take responsibility. There is so much talent yet to be explored and we can help in discovering it by supporting women entrepreneurs.

You could have gone out and explored the untouched, volunteered for great causes and had incredibly memorable experiences but what could make it even better is sharing your insights with others. Take this opportunity to create awareness and bring about a change by writing about your travels. It’ll help people plan their travel better and also enable them to understand the importance of sustainable travel and giving back to society.

As mentioned briefly earlier, you need to read up and do your research about every place. The best and most meaningful experiences are not found in the regular guidebook but, rather by doing a reasonable amount of investigation. Make your points about what interests you and do your research accordingly. You are bound to discover many things that interest you and also in the process you will learn about where you are going, so you can be prepared.

What make travel particularly interesting are not just new cultures and sites to see but also people’s points of view on their life and their society. Taking some time to really ask the important questions will enable you to unveil some interesting facts about every place. You’ll learn about the pros and cons of living in different cities and you may also make some great friends in the process.

Sustainable tourism paves the way for a better, brighter future and together we can make sure that the simple pleasures of life can be enjoyed by the generations who follow. It also helps set an example for them and makes them aware of how to preserve what defines us. It enables you to spend less, see offbeat places and essentially learn more about every place!