10 Signs of a Travel Addict

We are all inclined to seek out challenges and adventures, and traveling is something that never fails to meet both those inherent needs. While routine is what keeps us going, a break from that routine inspires new ideas and helps us grow. New experiences lead to the formation of new neural pathways in our brains that help to improve communication skills, enhance one’s ability to cope with uncertainty and also promote creativity. Essentially, being a travel junkie is a good thing and here’s how you can tell if that is exactly what you are:

  1. A Multi-Currency Wallet

Maybe you’re someone who opens up their wallet to occasionally find a dollar or a euro. Perhaps you’re looking for a rupee and instead you pull out a cent or a penny. This is a sure shot way of knowing that you’ve been on the move across international borders and, if there’s many different currencies in your wallet at all time, it’s likely that you have an addiction. But worry not, because this addiction will certainly get you places.


  1. Reading and Watching Habits Associated with Travel

Say your daily routine involves the usual work, sleep, exercise and eat but you don’t feel complete unless you’ve opened up your social media handles to read travel blogs or view travelers photos and journals. If this is something that has found its way into your everyday life then it’s a sign that travel is what makes you tick!


  1. You are up to date with Travel Trends

A travel addict is essentially someone who gets fidgety when they’re in one place for too long, hence, they’re always finding ways to be on the move. Consequently, they know where to visit and when. Travel addicts are up to date with a lot of information about season time, time zones and even currency exchange rates for that matter. If you happen to know these details about a range of places, perhaps its time to accept your addiction.


  1. Savings are used for Experiences rather than Material Things

A lot of people save money to buy a house or a car or just to make some kind of investment. But if you’re the kind of person who saves only to buy tickets to new places, this is a clear sign of an addict. It’s a nice quality to possess as such a person really lives in the moment.


  1. You don’t Wait for Anyone to make your Plan

Going on a holiday often means consulting partners, loved ones and friends about their schedules and availability. However, a travel addict does not wait for any such confirmations. If you are someone who books your tickets the second you have funds and time, you know what you are.


  1. A Planned Trip is always around the Corner

If you are the kind of person who starts planning your next journey before your ongoing trip has ended, then you know you’ve got an addiction. On the upside, looking at the calendar well in advance to identify good dates for travel helps you get better deals, specially if its season time for any particular destination.

  1. Your Bags are always Packed

A travel addict rarely bothers to put away bags and suitcases, because they need them ever so often. They also have a set of toiletries and all sorts of other accessories that make travel and packing easier. So, if you are one of those people who buys a lot of travel accessories or rummages through their packed luggage even at home, you are very likely a travel addict.

  1. You Passport needs Additional Pages

Have you ever run out of pages in your passport? Travel addicts often need multiple pages added into their passport, much before it even expires. This little book becomes their favourite book of all and something they have on them at all times. One can surely recognize a travel addict by the condition of their passport, as they need to carry them around pretty much all the time.

  1. Being Jetlagged feels Normal

So, you’ve slept and woken up in the same bed for multiple days and have finally caught up on rest. It feels strange and you wonder, could it be noise, bad dreams or the weather bothering you? Perhaps not, if you’re a travel addict, you’re probably not use to sticking to a routine for too long. You sleep and eat only so you can get moving again. A real travel addict embraces jetlag and becomes someone who is used to a regular change in routine. And somehow, this never really gets tiring.


  1. You have to Think Twice when asked for a Permanent Address

Sometimes you go to a bank or maybe for a job interview and you need to fill out your address for some specific purpose. If you have to think about what address you need to give as you don’t know where you will be available in a few months, this too is a sign of a travel addiction.


Recognizing the travel addict in you has more pros than cons. For one, now that you’ve acknowledged your addiction, you don’t need to make an excuse to take a trip somewhere. You can also combine traveling with other skills like writing, photography, design and various other professions to make a living. And, with the possibility of booking multi stop tickets and optimizing your trip, travel does not necessarily burn a hole in your pocket. So, if this is who you are, then take pride in it because if you can work out a way to make your travels sustainable, then it’s a great way to make the most of your time!