8 Experiences that you must have on a Family Vacation to Spain

Spain is one of the most relaxed and child friendly countries in Europe. As a result, many vacationers like to head over during their children’s vacation time to help expose them to a new environment, a new culture and also to help them be more adaptive. We are all aware that travel is the best way to grow and if you stat young, then you’re bound to get head start on being more accommodating and understanding as an adult. Family vacations also provide time for parents to bond with theirchildren and here’s a list of activities that will make for quality time together and, much needed relaxation for all of you.

1. Explore Barcelona City

Barcelona is known for its architecture, its tapas and its ability to awaken one’s zest for life. As a matter of fact, family vacations here have always been a success, you can spend upto a week and still have more to explore on your next visit. Popular activities in Barcelona include, a day on the beach in Barceloneta, a hike up Montjuic and of course just wandering through the quaint parts of the city to get a feel of the culture. Moreover, there’s plenty of nice Airbnb’s to stay at and lots of amazing food to try.

2. Head over to Girona

Girona is a small town located to the North of Barcelona and takes you away from the buzz of tourists and city life. It’s a sleepy town that makes for a great day trip and here you must definitely visit the Museum of Jewish History. This trip also doubles up as an educational tour if your kids are old enough.

3. A Visit to the Marvellous Alhambra Palace

More on the lines of education tours, this palace provides an insight into the lives of our ancestors. It also happens to be a prime example of classic Islamic architecture in Spain and has been declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Located in Granada, the palace is built on a plateau that overlooks the city. Children under 18 are given free entry, but make sure to arrive early to avoid waiting in line for too long. To really make the most of the trip spend a night or two in Granada, there’s great options to stay both in the city and in neighbourhoods in the outskirts too.

4. The Andalucian Adventure

Andalucia is the land of Flamenco and Bullfighting and, witnessing a show here is an experience you and your kids would absolutely love. Besides Granada and Seville that are elaborated on below, the Andalucia region also has many other gems to explore. The Pueblos Blancos are the famous white washed villages of this region that you absolutely must visit. Casares, Gaucin and Frigiliana are easily accessible and make for great day trips.

5. Sun-Bathe on Sun-Coast

Costa Del Sol is where you’ve got to be if you haven’t yet had enough of the beach. Stretching between Torremolinos to somewhere just beyond Estenpona, the coast is dotted with golden beaches and an assortment of interesting markets, promenades and places to grab a bite. Dolphin spotting is another popular activity, and there’s no child who wouldn’t love that.

6. Madrid

The capital city of Spain is a more formal experience than being in Barcelona, however, it is equally joyous and full of life. With amazing parks, museums, historical sites and charming streets dotted with shops and restaurants, it’s a great culture to expose your children to. A two- or three-day trip is plenty to get a feel of the city before you head over to somewhere quieter. Luckily, Spain has a great combination of happening cities and, off-beat non touristy spots as well.

7. Seville

Being the largest city in Andalusia, Seville gives you another aspect of urban life in the country. Here you can take some amazing bike rides and witness a few great shows and exhibitions. The Real Alcazar de Sevilla is a royal palace that is incredibly popular and you definitely must see it if you’ve been a fan of Game of Thrones. It also demonstrates a unique blend of cultures and architecture as it was constructed on the site which was previously occupied by a Muslim fortress.

8. Camino de Santiago

This is a popular pathway for pilgrims who wish to undertake a tour to the shrine of apostle Saint James the Great. Its also called the way of St. James and is actually a collection of many different routes from various countries that converge to lead to Santiago des Compostela. Based on the season you choose to visit; you can also pick which route and how much of it you want to walk. Camino Frances (the French Way) is the most popular route.

If you’re interested in perhaps exploring another country alongside your holiday in Spain, consider pairing your trip with a stopover in Morocco. If you happen to like the idea of Multicity flights, it’ll be a great idea to cover a few destinations in Spain and Morocco in just one itinerary. We’re quite certain that a trip to Spain trip will either make you want to stay on or keep you coming back for more.