Adding Stopovers

We’ve all had journeys where have to deboard and hang around at the airport before we can finally get on board our connecting flight. This happens very frequently on destinations that are far away and can really take a toll on you, both mentally and physically.  Lucky for us, there is a great way to counter this problem. Have you ever heard of an extended layover that can be turned into a magical stopover, what could possibly be more ideal?

Imagine if your two hours at the Istanbul airport could be turned two nights in the city. And what’s better is that this could be done at a marginal or zero difference in cost, if you’re lucky you could bag a ticket for even less. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Listed below are a few points on how stopovers work and how you can successfully carve two trips out of one.

  • Create Your Own Stopover

This is more of a DIY option that’s great for those who are tech savvy and have a little extra time on their hands. Start by using the automated booking search engine to look at all option of flights from the city of origin to the final destination. You will see that most international flights have layovers en route than can be anywhere from 2 to 12 hours. Choose a flight that offers a connection through a city that appeals to you and make a note of it. Now that you know where you would like to stop, you can use the multi-city option to book the flights and it is very likely that the minor difference in cost will amount for a world of a difference in experience.

  • Choose Your Airline Wisely

Besides stopovers at popular hubs, there are a number of airlines that offer free stopovers in their home countries. Based on where you want to fly you can carry out a quick search to evaluate the best options for you. To ease the process, we’ve jotted down a few of our favorites:

  • Singapore Air – Stopover in Singapore, the modern marvel
  • Turkish Air – Explore the rich culture of Istanbul
  • Air Mauritius – Spend a day relaxing by the turquoise blue waters
  • Emirates – Just a day in Dubai wont suffice if you want to get a good sense of the city
  • Iceland Air – Catch some stunning sights in Reykjavik
  • Finn Air – Experience the Tranquility of Helsinki

You can look at the websites of independent airlines to get more information on stopovers and if you find that tedious, all travel agents will be more than happy to assist you and also offer you some great tips.

  • Use a Stopover Search Engine

While the knowledge of geography complemented by information about airline routes is bound to be beneficial, you would still require a significant amount of time to look to websites, call airlines and build your own stopover. To make the process easier you can also make use of a stopover search engine. Of course, when it comes to communication and contact, there is not better way than to route this though a travel agent.