Best travel plan for travel influencers in 2021

The dynamic nature of the times has led us all to re-evaluate our plans and priorities. Ultimately, what matters most is safety and what we choose to do is defined by this. Keeping in mind that we also need to make the most of our lives, we definitely need to be able to travel and explore. If you’re someone who enjoys sharing your experiences with your community through well thought out posts, here’s a list of places that will give you all the content you need; and all of this without constantly worrying about your safety:

1. Indonesia

Indonesia is a fantastic place for solo travellers, for groups and for families too. But it’s a particularly interesting place if you’re looking to create content for your Instagram handle. With a multitude of experiences to choose from, a few days in Indonesia will score you enough photographs to last a long while and better yet, you can pack in so much without burning a hole in your pocket. Head over to Indonesia for tropical jungle walks, bamboo cottages, fabulous beaches and great food too. As all activities involve time outdoor, you can easily avoid the touristy spots and problems associated with the pandemic.

2. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has recently opened up to tourists from all countries but they still require a negative PCR test taken with 92 hours prior to arrival. This precaution helps maintain a sense of safety amongst travellers and also local people. Once in Sri Lanka, there is an almost overwhelming choice of places to stay, to eat, and to hang out. As a result, you’ll find your phone memory filling up with special moments that you want to remember. You can also spend a reasonable long period of time in this country without realising it, especially since it’s very economical to live here. December – January is a great time for surfing on the beaches on the southern coast and by June – July the crowds move over to the eastern coast.

3. Thailand

Considering that Thailand has so many options of little islands you can travel to, you should be aware that there will be no shortage of things to do. Each Island paints a different picture and like anywhere in the world has its special highlights. Krabi is known for its serene beaches and Koh Samui happens to be quite the party place. The southern islands can be a bit pricier but overall Thailand is a great place for a good budget work trip. You’ll have the opportunity to try new activities, sample their divine cuisine and of course all of it will make for exciting Instagram stories.

4. Seychelles

Comprising an archipelago of about 115 Islands, Seychelles is a paradise for anyone who wishes to unveil the secrets of underwater life. The country has countless beaches and spectacular coral reefs and nature reserves. A number of rare species of animals are found here and if you happen to spot them and get a photo, one can say without a doubt that people are going to love it.

With the abundance of flora and fauna in the country, it attracts many wildlife enthusiasts but there is no shortage of other attractions as well. Sailing, hiking, snorkelling or just heading out to see the sights will help you fill your days and most importantly, you may feel the need to relocate. But before you set your mind on anything, continue reading.

5. New Zealand

The haven for outdoor activities and adventure sports, New Zealand is an incredibly beautiful country where life is defined by the elements of nature. Believe it or not, but 30% of the country is a national reserve. Furthermore, their amazing systems and administration has helped them remain fairly covid free. If you’re audience has a sense of adventure, they’re going to love what you can show them in New Zealand.  It is a bit on the steeper side in terms of price and entry remains fairly restricted, however, things may look up with the increasing vaccine roll-outs and the best part is, you know you will be safe.

6. Cuba

Cuba is one the more affordable countries located in the Caribbean and, it also happens to be an incomparable experience. A few places that have been shortlisted as must visits by experienced travel bloggers are Trinidad, Playa Jibacoa, Remedios, Baracoa and La Laguna del Tosoro. Cuba is also known for some of the most inexpensive and best scuba diving, as you don’t need a boat as you can just walk in to your dive. While Trinidad is a more touristy location, you should consider visiting the others on the list as they provide a very exclusive experience which offers a new perspective to your content.

7. Greece

All of Greece is splendid but a particularly exciting spot in the country is Corfu. The spectacular scenery will make sure you find yourself feeling motivated and inspired every step of your journey. Of course, there’s plenty of amazing beaches to hang out at but for some really great photos make sure to visit Angelokastro castle. Perched on a narrow spur of rock, looking out over the deep blue sea. Other spots that will make for great day trips are the Corfu old town, Pontikonisi and the Paleokastritsa and Vlacherna monasteries.

8. Uzbekistan

With the rich culture and unique traditions, Uzbekistan is a country that any blogger or influencer must visit. Having been located on the ancient silk route, three major cities in this country became immensely wealthy and as a result has some architectural marvels that people from all over the world travel to see. The people are lovely and the markets are full of life and colour. Though you may want to steer clear of crowds in these times, Uzbekistan has so much going on that you will treasure every moment.

9. Vanuatu

The capital city of this magical archipelago has a population of about 53,000 people. So, if you’re worried about crowds, Vanuatu will wash that worry away. It’s also a reasonably economical place to visit, thought air tickets could be expensive, and you won’t find yourself spending too much on getting around in the country. The country has active volcanoes, dense tropical forests and a variety of flora and fauna. This small country makes for a big opportunity to understand and interact with people who have an entirely different approach to life.

10. South Africa

The southern tip of Africa presents some amazing landscapes, phenomenal views and great roads too. Driving around South Africa is an experience on its own and when you add in the stopovers in quaint little towns along the way, you’re sure to feel like you’ve had a range of new revelations about life.

While one of the main attractions is wildlife safari’s, you’ll find no shortage of things to do once in the country. Eating out is reasonable and you also get a fantastic variety of wine which is very inexpensive. Though South Africa won’t count as a budget holiday, it is worth every penny you spend.

As the circumstances are changing at a rather speedy pace, it always makes sense to check again about restrictions based on your travel dates. The countries listed above have all gone through phases of being closed to any visitors but you’ll get the best idea of where you can go based on your dates.

Depending on the destinations you choose and the frequency of flights between them, you can easily plan an optimised multi city trip to include a few of the places on your bucket list. It’s time to take this opportunity to make some new memories, collect incredible photos and pave the way for unique content that makes everyone want to get set and get going!