List of Countries Offering Visa on Arrival to Indians in 2022

Since early 2020, our lives have undergone a complete transformation. Travel has been one of the most affected activities as the pandemic has really challenged this aspect of life. As a result, several new ways have evolved in order to cope up. As humans have an inherent capacity for exploration and adventure, we’ve found a way to incorporate this into the prevailing circumstances. Since the behaviour of the pandemic is very unpredictable, we, as people have realized the importance of spontaneity and making the most of the times that we can. Flexible travel has now replaced elaborately planned travel and any country that offers a visa on arrival makes this process easier. Here’s a list of incredible countries that offer Indians a visa on arrival in 2022:

  1. Grenada

While it is mandatory for Indians to have a passport that is valid from 6 months of their date of arrival, they do not need a visa if they are staying up to a period of 90 days. It is a relatively lower priced country amongst the others in the Caribbean and is famous for its spices. Head over to Grenada for beautiful sandy beaches, world class cocoa and spirited coastal towns. December is a great time to visit and if you make a trip, you should also consider visiting their underwater sculpture park.

  1. Jamaica

Another Caribbean Island that is famous for its lush rainforests and reef-lined beaches. Indians visiting Jamaica do not need a visa if they are staying for under 14 days, but they must have a valid passport. One must also be well-versed with the areas of Jamaica that has to be avoided as petty crimes are not uncommon. Once in Jamaica, you can hang out on the beaches, try rafting or even go hiking. This island nation is a great holiday spot for anyone who likes the outdoors.

  1. Vanuatu

Indians visiting Vanuatu do not require a visa if their stay is under a span of 30 days. However, you must have the necessary travel documents like a passport, a return/onward ticket and sufficient funds. The republic of Vanuatu is known for its premium scuba diving opportunities and also a number of active volcanoes. Despite being a country of about 250,000 citizens, Vanuatu has an amazing diversity. There are about a 1000 spoken languages and the people are friendly and welcoming.

  1. Macau

Indians visiting Macau for a span of less than 30 days do not require a visa. However, all necessary travel documents may be required for verification. While there are no direct flights to Macau, coming via Hong Kong is a popular option. The mix of Chinese and Portuguese cultural influences makes this autonomous region of China a fascinating place to visit. One can explore the casinos and malls which have earned it the nickname ‘Las Vegas of Asia’. There are also interesting museums and many architectural sites that are worth visiting!

  1. Indonesia

Indians traveling to Indonesia for a time period of under 30 days do not require a visa. All you need is the necessary travel documents and an exemption stamp at the immigration counter, which is free of cost. Indonesian locals are incredibly friendly and they also have on offer some divine cuisine. Once in Indonesia, you must explore the beaches of Bali, the Komodo National Park, Mount Bromo and Gili Islands. These are only a few gems amongst many others. Indonesia presents one with a treasure chest of experiences.

  1. Thailand

As an Indian citizen visiting Thailand, you can avail of a visa on arrival for a stay up to 15 days. All you need is a passport with validity of 6 months, an application form and passport size photos. A few other documents may be necessary which you can confirm on their official website or from a travel agent. This country has always been a popular destination for Indian travellers as it’s a reasonably short flight and also budget friendly. Thailand has a number of different islands, each packed with unique experiences which make for a great place for any kind of getaway.

  1. Seychelles

While Indians do not need a visa to travel to Seychelles, it is mandatory to acquire a permit from the immigration department once you have arrived on this island nation. You will need to carry certain documents for this purpose, these can be confirmed with an agent on online. You must also be in possession of 11,000 per day for the duration of your stay. Located off the East coast of Africa, this island nation comprises an archipelago of 115 islands, many of which are UNESCO-listed nature reserves. Having such a rich biodiversity makes Seychelles an ideal destination for those who enjoy the outdoors and wish to see a rich variety of flora and fauna!

  1. Mauritius

A Visa for Indians is provided at the airport for a period of upto 60 days with single entry. For this, you must possess all the valid travel documents and have them verified. While Port Louis comprises one of the main tourist attractions, Mauritius has a number of beautiful waterfalls, beaches and lagoons that are worth visiting. The Seven Coloured Earths and Grand-Baie Village are other beautiful spots that you could include in your itinerary. 

  1. Jordan

For Indians traveling to Jordan, a visa on arrival is available and the requirements for this are – an Indian passport with minimum validity of six months, a filled-in visa application form, photographs and all the supporting documents. Must see options for Jordan include Petra (declared a new 7th wonder of the world), Wadi Rum and the Dead Sea. At the Dead Sea you can enjoy a swim without being able to sink and,Wadi Rum showcases the grandest of Jordan’s desert landscapes.

As a visa on arrival is available for Indian citizens, make sure to carry the necessary financial documents, an Indian passport with validity of 6 months, a return ticket, and travel insurance. Located on the Eastern coast of South America, Ecuador offers a combination of rich biodiversity, scenic beaches and also some amazing UNESCO world heritage sites. Visit Ecuador and stay in the beautiful Haciendas, venture into the spectacular forests and, enjoy spotting wildlife along the coast.

Besides the countries listed above, another country worth venturing into is Sri Lanka which needs only an ETA for Indian citizens. There is talk that over time even New Zealand may introduce the requirement of only an ETA for Indian Citizens. As the information provided is subject to changes, it is always a good idea to confirm its accuracy from the concerned Foreign Embassy/Consulate in India or Indian Embassy/Consulate abroad. The official government websites and travel agents will also help you to understand the most up to date requirements.