The Future of Tourism: Travel Trends for 2022 and Beyond!

A few aspects of life have emerged as priorities as a result of the pandemic, and we seem left behind the days of going on a vacation to disconnect. Sustainable travel is now most preferred and people are on the lookout for options that make it possible to be socially distant and also have ample opportunities to be outdoors. The need to reconnect with nature and be aware, healthy and fit has now become the foundation for what we plan and where we go! This post highlights the future of travel and tourism as the world learns to cope with living with a pandemic for the foreseeable future.

  1. Protocol, Precautions, and Expectations

Every country has differing restrictions with respect to the pandemic; as a result it’s essential that one acquaints themselves with the protocol with respect to wherever you may be travelling to. People prefer to travel to locations with less crowd and minimum quarantine requirements. Since circumstances are dynamic, make sure to check with your agent or on the official government websites just before you travel.

A shift has also been noticed in preferences with regard to stay. People now prefer independent villas and smaller boutique hotels as this ensures that social distancing can be easily maintained. Different locations also have varying degrees of connectivity and, this becomes a crucial factor in planning travel as so much of our lives and work are dependent on having a good internet connection!

  1. Reunion Travel Replacing Group Travel

We are all aware of the fun of traveling in big groups during vacation time but with the ongoing pandemic, it is evident that large group get togethers are best avoided. Travel now is more based on meeting up with those whom are near and dear. Apart from some amount of inevitable corporate/business travel; people now only travel to meet family and friends who one hasn’t seen in a while. Reunion travel mostly comprises travel for important functions, events and to meet up with those with whom one has a special relationship. Though with changing circumstances even reunions become difficult, many people have family and friends who they wish to see and people will make an extra effort whenever they feel it is safe to travel.

  1. Travel Agents and Operators

With uncertain times and changing dynamics, travel agents have become essential in helping one find out about prevailing circumstances, requirements and other crucial information with respect to travel.

Not only do travel agents provide necessary information about places and their restrictions but they also help to optimize your trip. If you need to take multiple flights, they chart out a route and book a multi city ticket that enables you to see and do more for less. Booking multi city flights is a great option for those who have 3 or more destinations that they need to visit. While the advancements in digital technology enable you to book your own tickets, consulting with a travel agent will always be beneficial for people who are new to these systems, especially in these times!

  1. Emergence of New Forms of Tourism

While a lot of travel in pre-covid times was centred on the idea of a holiday, upcoming travel trends emphasize travel for professional reasons and personal growth. Luxury tourism continues but alongside, we also see trends in areas like Voluntourism (based on helping those in need and giving back to society), Culinary Tourism (centred around food and different cuisines), Agro Tourism (connecting with nature and the basics of life) etc. Besides these forms of tourism, workcations are also on the rise!

As we tread further into the future, Polar Tourism and Space Tourism will also gain popularity. People’s urge to learn, grow and connect with different cultures on more interpersonal levels is becoming more common and while advancements in technology enable us to find ways to satisfy this growing urge, travel has also become recognized as a feature that operates alongside technology to fulfil our need to adapt and evolve.

  1. Staycations

As holidays become less frequent and working remotely becomes more popular, another form of tourism that has emerged is staycations. Instead of venturing out far from home and looking for hotels, people have started to plan leisure activities on holidays/weekends that enable them to return home for the night. This could involve driving short distances to view monuments, visit parks or other attractions. One can spend quality time with family and enjoy time away from home but not too far that it isn’t easy to get back in case of any emergencies. Staycations are a big reason for growth of domestic tourism and helps enhance the status of local economies.

Recent times have led us all to feel isolated and disconnected and while looking for some semblance of a normal life, people also started to feel the need to really make the most of every situation. It has become of utmost importance to live to the fullest as one is never certain of lockdowns and restrictions that come about as a result of the pandemic. While trends are constantly changing and will continue to do so in the times to come, travel will always remain an important aspect of life.