Point to Point vs. Multi City

People who enjoy traveling harbor the common misconception that apart from buying a round the world ticket your only other option with flights is buying point to point tickets. The concept of multi city flights has evolved to counter just this problem. As you book only when required and don’t need to plan much in advance, point to point airline tickets help to ensure completely flexibility. But if you need to travel 2 cities or more, you should book yourself a multicity flight to ensure better time efficiency and value for money.

However, to make sure that your multi city flight enables maximum value, there is one consideration to keep in mind. Check on the flights to your chosen destination and if it happens to be less frequently visited, it may make sense to fly via one of the more popular stopover destinations en route. You will not only benefit on a better price for your ticket but you could also get to see another city on your way.

Here are a few of the differences between multi city and point to point tickets:

Financial Implications

Say if you’re taking a holiday to Sri Lanka and need to attend a business meeting in Bangalore, you can wrap it up before you set out to relax. Book a multi city flight via Bangalore and at the slightest difference in cost you’ll be able to accomplish both your objectives. It would definitely be a lot more economical than booking one-way tickets between the three destinations.

Time efficiency

If you book a Multi City ticket in advance, you are saved the hassle of constantly having to check airfares, dates and travel times every time you need to make your way to your next destination. Instead of constantly trying to plan a execute you can just be in the moment and enjoy every bit of your trip.

Backtracking and Spontaneity

This is one area where the point to point option may be the best for you. Sometimes you are unable to finish what you had set out to do and need to return to a previously visited destination. In this case, booking point to point tickets makes more sense. But keep in mind that you may be restricted only to what is available at that point in time. Booking point to point tickets can also be quite expensive and also may not be feasible in certain countries due to the visa requirements. Be sure to do your research and get the necessary documents in order.