RTW vs. Multi City

Round the world travel has always been a thrilling idea and with all that you might have heard, perhaps you too are keen to explore? As specialists in the area, we are here to tell you exactly how. Let’s begin with exactly what Round the World travel entails.

The idea took shape with the concept of a Gap Year; this is taken by many students before they set out to pursue their careers. Over time, round the world tickets have acquired popularity with the increasing number of young adults who wish to experience the world and slowly, round the world travel has emerged as the experience of a lifetime. Learning about the world today means learning about yourself.

While a multi stop or multi city itinerary could very well qualify for an around the world ticket, the main difference lies in the technicalities. Originally the RTW ticket would involve travel across both the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, covering a minimum of three continents. Multi stop tickets on the other hand, do not need to cater to the same specifications. A multi city flight involves a minimum of three flights to at least two different sectors anywhere in the world.

Using multi city flights, you can either decide to circumnavigate the whole world depending on your time and interests or you can focus on a particular region or sector. Say your final year project involves research on the independent states of the former Soviet Union; for the best understanding, you will probably need to see for yourself. Book yourself a multi stop flight that not only gives you the best value in terms of time and costs but also, a reasonable amount of time in each country.

Be it educational, business or just and itch to explore, Multi city can tend to your every requirement. Though some believe that RTW tickets can often be more economical, the costs are entirely based on the time of travel, the number of destinations you wish to cover and the distances between them.

For more information on RTW flights, be sure to have a look at ticketsroundtheworld.com. As a result of a decade of experience with the same, our travel agents have acquired expertise over planning complex itineraries. Perhaps give them a chance to plan your next trip and you can find out for yourself.