Why Choose Us?

  • Experience that Counts

With over 10 years of experience in planning and creating multi stop itineraries, we have developed a sound understanding of the concept. This helps us create highly optimised plans suited to the needs of each of our customers.  Efficient use of time and careful consideration of budgets is the driving force behind our planning. Be it a luxury vacation or a year of exploration, we have got you covered.

  • Customer Care Experts

Besides being approachable and available 24 hours a day, our team also has the much-required first-hand experience that has helped them to develop their expertise. Comprising a group of keen travellers, our agents are well versed with a dynamic list of cultures, systems and experiences. Their journeys have equipped them to plan better, optimise further and make sure that every day is a new adventure.

  • Your Satisfaction is our Priority

Right from when your idea takes root in the form of a query, we put our heads together to help make your dreams a reality. We go a step beyond planning your itinerary by offering you tips to assist you along the way. Weather you are seeking advise on stopovers, alternative modes of transport, scenic road trips or where to stay and eat? The idea is that the entire package lives up to your expectations if not exceeding them.

  • Flexibility in Plans

You needn’t worry about what the possibilities because our very existence rests on helping you to realise your dreams. With a variety of combinations and possible modifications, we create customised itineraries for each and every one of our customers. You can choose any number of destinations anywhere in the world and visit them in whichever order you please. We will make suggestions if required and chalk out the perfect plan for you.

  • We Understand our Customers

We believe that designing the perfect itinerary for you involves a thorough understanding of your personality and your preferences. As such, many of our questions aim to help us develop this understanding. Our speciality lies in the fact that we realise the value of collaborative effort. Based on your time, availability and requirements we work with you and not just for you.

Why you Should not use Automated Booking Search Engines

Technology has revolutionised our lives in every way, besides enabling instant communication with people around the globe, it has also facilitated for easy travel. Using automated booking engines, we can search, compare and book flights from anywhere to everywhere. And what makes it better is the benefit of lowered costs, using technology we can do away with the salaries of individuals involved in the process. But before you venture forth, there are a few things to keep in mind. Do you really have access to significantly lower fares? And, more importantly how effective is the automated system in terms of time?

While you will find that automating is effective for simple routes, here’s a few reasons why you should definitely consider working with an agency when it comes to more elaborate and complex itineraries.                             

  • Contact

Imagine you have to factor in a last-minute change once your tickets are booked online and you are all set to go, how would you go about this? Customer care numbers are rarely as fast to respond as you require them to be and often the executives cannot take decisions independently. They may not have the necessary knowledge or authority to find you the next best possible option.

 The whole process can often be quite nerve-racking and in such a scenario, a travel agent provides you to benefit of easy contact and instant responses. One call and you can reschedule your flights as per your needs. Whatever technology may have revolutionized it has not yet replaced the advantages of the comfort in human contact. Besides their knowledge of a range of flights and deals available, agents also offer great insight and advice on where to go and when.

  • Time

In the world that we live in, time is money and you don’t want to waste it away going back and forth on webpages trying to understand best timings, fares and stopover options. An automated search engine will only display what you have asked for and not offer any extra information that might be extremely useful while planning.

Using an agent, you not only save yourself the frustration of trying to make sense of the variety of options available but also a huge amount of time. When you mention your requirements, they know how and where to check to find the best deals for you and this saves you a lot of time figuring out a system that is completely new to you.

  • Costs

The automated search engines often don’t feature the low-cost carriers or budget airlines on their list of options. This is because these airlines keep their costs down by not paying the commissions required for such a benefit. Hence, you will find that you need to go to their independent website to book and this is an added effort to an already stressful process. Agents will know which destinations are connected by such airlines and will always make the option available to you. Besides this, they will also recommend other days for travel if they see that fares are sufficiently lower. You may have to pay a small commission but what you will end up saving is likely to be a lot more than that.